Learn more about our annual hunting event

Our annual charity event raises money that goes to support or honor wounded veterans. You'll be able to make a difference through:

Helicopter Hunting - February 22-23, 2020



Each year the popularity of our event grows and so does the support for the ones we care about. Contact Helicopters for Heroes today to learn how you can make a difference in the Dallas, Texas area.

Our Impact: Timeline of the funded Program

Helicopters for Heroes had its first event in 2014.


H4H raised money and our beneficiary was Troops First.


H4H had two beneficiaries. Gary Séance Foundation and Troops First.


H4H had 3 beneficiaries which were VXA, Independence Fund, and Power Heroes.


H4H had 3 beneficiaries which were 22 Kill, Honor Courage Commitment, and North Texas Hunter for Heroes.